April 23-24, 2018: CICA held its Spring General Assembly & Side events in Mexico City at the invitation of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC)
The General Assembly, introduced by Francisco Solares, National Secretary of CMIC, was the opportunity for CICA Members to comment on the recent works developed by the different working groups and in particular the finalised versions of the CICA position papers.

Read the CICA position papers: http://www.cica.net/activities/position-papers/

In the margins of the General Assembly, high level experts from different backgrounds and geographic areas gathered in a seminar to discuss the ways to bridge the infrastructure financing gap.

Learn more: http://www.cica.net/cica-general-assembly-seminar-mexico-city-april-23-24-2018/

October 4, 2018: CICA President Jorge Mas participated in the B20 Summit held in Buenos Aires
Jorge Mas, then the President of CICA, participated in the B20 Summit as a speaker in the panel discussion on "Advancing Infrastructure Financing" with prominent international panelists. He had the opportunity to speak about the needs of infrastructure development, to underline the necessary adjustments to regulatory frameworks to attract private investment to regulated markets and to promote the development of public-private partnerships in infrastructure.

Learn more: https://mailchi.mp/d77d940e08f9/october-2018

October 2018: CICA participated in two regional roundtables of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC) to represent the interests of the contractors
· CICA Management participated in the roundtable for North Africa and the Mediterranean, held in Rabat on October 23, 2018
· The Chairman of the CICA working group on Sustainable Construction, Carlos Bascou (Chile) participated in the roundtable for Latin America in Buenos Aires on October 10, 2018.

The GABC has a global roadmap which is now also translated in regional initiatives. The global roadmap includes: urban planning; existing building retrofitting; new buildings; existing building operations; clean energy; materials; systems; resilience.

Learn more on the GABC at: https://globalabc.org/

November 6, 2018: CICA held its General Assembly & Side Events in Paris and elected its new President and Board Members
The General Assembly in Paris elected Emre Aykar (Turkey), board member of Yapı Merkezi construction company, as new president of CICA for two years (2018-2020). José Carlos Martins (Brazil), President of the Brazilian Chamber of Construction, was elected as Senior Vice-President of CICA. Philippe Dessoy (Belgium), General Manager of Besix Group, was elected as new Vice President of CICA. Daniel Tardy (France) was confirmed as Treasurer.

Learn more about CICA Board Members: http://www.cica.net/about-cica/organization/

Two new Working Groups and their respective chairmen have been approved. The new working groups will focus on 1) Construction 4.0 and 2) Construction Contracts with a focus on FIDIC.
In the margins of the General Assembly, CICA also organised a high-level conference on Construction 4.0 for Smarter Cities and Infrastructure on November 5, 2018. This event welcomed speakers from McKinsey, Bouygues, and the different member federations of CICA.

Learn more: http://www.cica.net/cica-general-assembly-seminar-paris-november-05-06-2018/

November 20-21, 2018: CICA Director General Fanny Dastugue participated in the UNECE Working Party on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Geneva
A strong influence of China in the UNECE PPP programme can be noted since a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and China on 14 May 2017 to support ECE Member States participating in the Belt and Road Initiative. Most of the session was dedicated to the Belt and Road Initiative Dialogue, focusing on Central Asian countries but also Bulgaria, Croatia, Uganda and Congo.

Learn more: https://mailchi.mp/39e9055ea8b0/november-2018

January 21, 2019: FIDIC meets CICA in Paris
FIDIC President Alain Bentéjac and FIDIC CEO Dr. Nelson Ogunshakin visited the CICA headquarters in Paris. In particular, the 2017 update of FIDIC’s color books was discussed. In general, it was agreed to further strengthen the good and long-standing relationship between CICA and FIDIC.

Learn more: https://mailchi.mp/7ccc73ae2c49/cica-newsletter-january-2019

March 4, 2019: Industry Meeting: CICA welcomed the World Bank, FIDIC and the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation at its headquarters in Paris
CICA welcomed the World Bank’s Chief Procurement Officer, Enzo de Laurentiis, and his team to discuss the impact of the World Bank’s new Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) on procurement. The meeting also aimed at discussing the issues related to the decision of the World Bank not to renew the FIDIC Pink Book and instead include the 2017 FIDIC Red Book in the Bank’s Standard Bidding Documents. In addition, there will be Conditions of Particular Application (COPA) to take into consideration the specificities of the World Bank. The COPA is meant to focus especially on the 10 Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) but will include new items, most notably on the fight against gender-based violence and anticorruption.

Learn more: https://mailchi.mp/72acfa2594fe/newsletter-march-2019

March 12, 2019: CICA was invited to take part in the Multilateral Development Banks’ Heads of Procurement meeting
Following the concerns expressed by CICA about the non-renewal of the license with FIDIC for the Pink Book, CICA was invited to share its comments on the World Banks’s and other MDB’s strategy of using the FIDIC 2017 Color Books which will be supplemented by COPA. Each MDB will have its own COPA which will be released at a different time. CICA is supportive but emphasised the need for the construction industry to have more visibility, a harmonisation between MDBs and a serious monitoring of environmental and social requirements resulting in creating a level-playing field. CICA will be able to consult the COPA and send its comments.

Learn more: https://mailchi.mp/72acfa2594fe/newsletter-march-2019

April 12-15, 2019: Again, this year, CICA organised a construction sector mission to Washington DC
In addition to its participation in the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), CICA organised bilateral meetings with World Bank Departments and other international banks and institutions, among them: the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), the Transport Department of the World Bank Group, the Procurement Team of the World Bank Group, the Procurement Department of the Inter-American-Development Bank (IDB), the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) and the US Exim Bank.