Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA)

Philippe Dessoy
Philippe Dessoy
President (from 29 November 2022)

November 2022

CICA High-level Webinar on Public-Private Partnerships

On 9th November, CICA addressed the issue of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in a High-level Webinar. Crucial for the sector and for the society, PPPs are even more challenged since the Covid-19 crisis and the current supply chain disruptions. PPP Experts from around the world shared and exchanged their views with the audience during this 2-hour event. 

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November 2022

CICA General Assembly (2-day event)

The CICA Board and General Assembly took place on 29th November. This General Assembly marked the election of the new CICA President, Philippe Dessoy, current Vice-President of EIC and General Manager at BESIX. He succeeds Irwin Perret, CICA President from 2020 to 2022. Nicolas Mariscal, representing FIIC, and Lubomir Katchamakov representing FIEC, were elected as new Board members and Daniel Tardy was confirmed as Treasurer.

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Family picture at CICA Board and General Assembly.

February 2023: Launch of CICA Construction and Natural Disasters Working Group

After the terrible earthquake that happened in Turkey, CICA created a Working Group - chaired by the Turkish Contractors Association - on natural disasters and their impact on the construction sector. The work focuses mostly on earthquakes, but also floods and fires affecting the way we build. The group looks at different aspects like prevention, financing and insurance, the innovation of industry for better resilience of infrastructure and buildings, etc.  

February 2023: CICA Infrastructure Working Group welcomed the Global Infrastructure Hub (GIH)

On 1st February 2023, CICA welcomed the GIH during its Infrastructure Working Group Meeting. The opportunity for the GIH to present their latest Infrastructure Monitor 2022. Its annual publication (Infrastructure Monitor) provides information on private infrastructure investments and their performance. This webinar gathered more than 60 participants.

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CICA Infrastructure Working Group.


May 2023: CICA Spring General Assembly took place in Paraguay

On 25 May, CICA joined the Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry in Paraguay to participate in their 87th council meeting. CAPACO also hosted CICA General Assembly.
Participants from Europe, Asia and Latin America joined in-person and online. It was the opportunity to present CICA’s latest activities and the Working Groups advancements.

Paraguay's President-Elect, Santiago Peña, opened FIIC’s General Assembly, underlining the need for long-term investments in infrastructure to support inclusive development, public services delivery and improve the quality of life for all. In the margins of the General Assemblies, a site visit to the Puente Héroes Del Chaco was organised: a project of 7,7 kilometers lengths, 10,7 tons of steel, and an estimated 6,526 vehicles daily by 2024.

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June 2023: CICA President in Eilat for the National Building and Infrastructure Committee

CICA President, Philippe Dessoy, attended the Israeli Builders Association (IBA) Annual Conference on Housing, Real Estate and Infrastructure which took place on 14-16th June in Eilat.
The conference was attended by 2,000 contractors, entrepreneurs and executives, as well as by senior public officials from both government and municipal authorities, who presented their perspective and activities. Philippe Dessoy had the opportunity to elaborate on the role of CICA in the global construction market.

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September 2023: HOPs meeting

CICA and EIC were invited to take part in the MDBs Heads of Procurement meeting organised at the Asian Development Bank in Manila to discuss rated-criteria, contractors' views on MDBs bidding process. EIC had the opportunity to present the updated version of their Sustainable Procurement Toolkit.


November 2023: CICA’s mission to Washington

From 6th to 9th November, CICA will meet with high-level parties in Washington: the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the IFC etc. CICA and the parties involved will respectively exchange on quality infrastructure and rated criteria, MIGA’s insurances and guarantees, innovation and sustainability, budgetary aspects of infrastructure projects, etc.

CICA had been lobbying for rated criteria for a long time and is welcoming positively the decision of the World Bank to implement rated criteria for its projects. Effective 1st September, 2023, the World Bank will require the use of rated criteria as the default approach for most international procurements. Since 2016, the World Bank’s Procurement Framework has encouraged the use of rated criteria to evaluate quality, sustainability, and innovative aspects of bids in decision making. In keeping with the value-focused approach, most part of the World Bank-financed Procurement will require the use of Rated Criteria which will promote the inclusion of key quality and sustainability criteria rather than using just the lowest evaluated price for award decisions.


B20 India: involvement of CICA

The B20 India serves as a platform for dialogue between political decision-makers, civil society, and business at an international level. CICA representatives have been accepted in several Task Forces (TF), respectively, the Tech and Innovation TF, the African Economic Integration TF, the Global Economic Recovery Financing TF.

The Tech and Innovation TF produced a report mentioning technological innovations participating in the SDGs. Skyline Cockpit Tower Cranes, Israeli initiative leaded by Zachi Flatto (member of CICA) was integrated in the report.


FIDIC and CICA strengthened ties

CICA and FIDIC still work closely on contract issues:

  • In 2023, CICA will be the ‘friendly’ reviewer of The FIDIC model of contract for PPPs.
  • Philippe Dessoy, CICA President, and Richard Touroude, CICA MDBs Working Group Chairman, took part as guest speakers in the Singapore Global Infrastructure
  • CICA representatives are actively participating in the FIDIC Task Groups on subcontracts and joint ventures.
  • CICA had coordination meetings with FIDIC to re-establish trilateral dialogue with the MDBs.
  • Finally, on 28th and 29th November, Fanny Dastugue, CICA Director General, will participate as member of the jury in the FIDIC Contract Users Award Conference in London.


Since December 2022: CICA’s monthly Ukraine overview

CICA is monitoring the evolution of the Ukraine crisis and its impact on the construction sector worldwide. You will learn more about the global construction outlook, the sector’s growth perspectives and the current challenges it faces (energy and material prices/supplies).



Since March 2023: new collaboration CoST.

On 7th March, CoST and CICA jointly organised an introduction webinar, for CICA members. The Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST) is one of the leading global initiatives improving transparency and accountability in public infrastructure. Since then, the relationship with CoST is strong: CoST and CICA jointly worked on the impact the war in Ukraine has on the construction companies. CoST and CICA are also working on a Position Paper on integrity and anti-corruption which will be presented to the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency in Washington in November.

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