MOBICCON-PRO – Mobile and Innovative Circularity for Construction Products

MOBICCON-PRO – Mobile and Innovative Circularity for Construction Products

Brief description and main aims:

Funded under the Horizon Europe EU programme, the MOBICCON-PRO project will develop and demonstrate integrated innovative circular solutions to recover resources from construction and demolition waste (CDW) and decrease consumption of raw construction materials by applying in-situ selective separation/demolition, novel CDW recycling and production of recycled and innovative construction materials, components and products.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Create a territorial hub for circularity.
  • Develop and streamline innovative digital technologies to support selective separation and demolition.
  • Build and test a CDW Treatment Mobile Plant (MPP).
  • Develop, certify, and produce innovative construction materials from recycled/recovered CDW.
  • Demonstrate the territorial circular concept for CDW in different locations to prove replicability.
  • Communicate, disseminate and exploit the results of the project during and after its expected duration.

Project coordinator: Glavbolgarstroy Holding AD (GBS) based in Bulgaria.

Why FIEC is dealing with this topic:

The transition towards a circular economy is a global challenge. The EU Green Deal aims to transform industries to reduce waste generation, foster recycling and make circular products the norm in the EU. Among the sectors that are expected to contribute to this circular journey, the construction sector is one of the most promising.

The sector has a substantial impact on a number of economic sectors in the EU – making up to 10.5% of EU-27 global added value – and significantly contributes to employment offering 22 million jobs, driven mainly by SMEs. When looking at its environmental impact however, the construction sector consumes significant amounts of resources, accounting for approximately 50% of all extracted materials. At the same time, the sector is responsible for more than 37% of the EU total waste generation, making it one of the biggest waste streams in Europe.

Given the pressing need of a new modus operandi to increase the availability of reused and recycled construction products across the EU, the idea behind the MOBICCON-PRO project has come about. Its main objective is to demonstrate and deploy an innovative mobile and territorial solution for construction and demolition waste (CDW) management that increases the uptake of recycled construction products in the Southeast Europe region.

Actions and key dates

December 2022

Start of the project


First General Partners meeting in Sofia


Second General Partners meeting in Sofia


Third General Partners meeting in Copenhagen

December 2027

 End of the project